The ESOP Podcast Summer School – Session 6

The ESOP Podcast Summer School – Session 6: Internal vs. External ESOP Trustees 

“The ESOP Podcast Summer School” is in session! We’ve curated a special summer series of podcasts from recent conferences designed to let you sit back, relax, and get up-to-date on all things ESOP.  We’re capping off the series with a discussion of the ins and outs of internal vs. external trustees, and the engagement process for switching to an external trustee. Topics include the risks faced by all trustees, the early stages of a new relationship between company and trustee, and how making the switch may or may not affect the valuation process.

This is a great refresher course, as we’ll be back from summer break next week with Part 2 of this topic, in which we’ll discuss what happens after you engage an external trustee, with plenty of process details that will be of interest.


Brian Keisling

Capital Trustees’ Client Relations Associate, Brian Keisling

Bret Keisling presenting on one aspect of an external trustee’s obligations at the ESOP Multi-State Conference in September 2017.

You can bookmark the full ESOP Summer School series here.


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