The ESOP Podcast Episode 5

The ESOP Podcast Episode 5 – Jeff Gelburd of Murray Securus on ESOPs, Fiduciary Insurance, & Cyber Insurance

Our guest is Jeff Gelburd, Vice President, ESOP Program Manager at Murray Securus and President of the Pennsylvania Delaware Chapter of the ESOP Association. Jeff sat down with Bret Keisling of Captial Trustees, LLC during the September 2017 ESOP Association Multi-State Conference – PA/DE and NY/NJ Chapter Meeting in Scranton, PA for a discussion of ESOPs, fiduciary insurance, and cyber insurance.


More about Jeff Gelburd

Jeffery S. Gelburd [Photo Credit: Murray Securus]

Jeffrey Gelburd is Vice President and ESOP Program Manager at Murray Securus. Murray Securus partners with The ESOP Association to provide a special insurance program specifically for employee-owned companies. This program offers effective protection for the ERISA liability exposures ESOP companies and their executives face, as well as the other exposures in their capacity as directors and/or officers.

More about Murray Securus

Murray Securus

Murray Securus is a Lancaster, Pennsylvania, insurance broker serving the Mid-Atlantic and Eastern States Regions of the U.S.  “As an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) company, [Murray Securus] enjoys some distinct advantages over our competitors. Our employees have a vested interest in the current and future success of every day, of every deliverable and in every contact we have with our clients. In other words, the ESOP provides Murray Securus employees the chance to participate in the growth and success of the company.

There is also strong evidence employee ownership improves employee morale and productivity, and reduces turnover. Less turnover allows our employees to develop long-term relationships with our clients to better understand and serve their needs.”

[Source: Murray Securus, Employee Owned]


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