The ESOP Podcast Episode 20 – Directed versus Discretionary ESOP Trustees

The ESOP Podcast Episode 20 – Directed versus Discretionary ESOP Trustees

In this week’s episode of the ESOP podcast, recorded on Groundhog Day, February 2nd, 2018, Capital Trustee’s partners Bret Keisling and Rich Heeter outdo fellow Pennsylvania native Punxsutawney Phil and Rich predicts the winner of Super Bowl LII.  Also, as predicted on previous podcasts, they discuss the differences between directed and discretionary ESOP trustees. Other topics include how to qualify an independent valuation advisor, hiring an external trustee, and how the valuation process and other matters are handled by an external trustee.

Key takeaway: A trustee’s responsibilities and processes should be identical regardless of whether you are internal or external. A fiduciary is a fiduciary is a fiduciary!

ESOP Podcast Ep 20 Periscope
Rich Heeter and Bret Keisling at Capital Trustees’ Offices recording the podcast, as seen on Periscope on February 2nd.

Watch the live recording of the intro to Episode 20 on Periscope to see Rich Heeter’s stunning football prediction powers in action.

Speaking of Periscope, tune in live on Twitter @CapTrusteeBret on Thursday, February 8th, when we plan to Periscope our panel discussion with Mark R. Kossow, Esq., an ESOP attorney with Archer & Greiner P.C., and Rob C. Hilton, ASA, a valuation advisor at Katz, Sapper & Miller.  The theme will be “ESOP 101: What, Why, and How.”  The podcast will be released on Tuesday, February 13th, and we also plan to release the accompanying ESOP 101 Presentation slideshow to video.


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