The 12 Days of ESOPs, Day 5: Tom Roback discusses ESOP Plan Administration and ESOP Recordkeeping Services

The 12 Days of ESOPs, Day 5: Tom Roback discusses ESOP Plan Administration and ESOP Recordkeeping Services

We’re celebrating the spirit of the ESOP Movement with The Twelve Days of ESOPs.

12 Days of ESOPs
Our guests over these twelve days hail from a variety of fields in ESOP World – from lawyers, to valuators, to CEOs, and even employee owners themselves – each bringing their own unique outlook and experience to our ongoing conversation about what makes ESOP participation so valuable to companies.

On the fifth day of ESOPs, our guest is Tom Roback of Blue Ridge ESOP Associates who joined us for a discussion of ESOP plan administration and ESOP and 401(k) recordkeeping services. The experts at Blue Ridge ESOP Associates handle comprehensive recordkeeping and reporting requirements to S- and C-corporations with employee stock ownership plans. They’re definitely the right people to safely and accurately keep track of those five golden rings! 💰💍💍💍💍💍

More about Thomas Roback

Thomas Roback, Jr., CEP, QKA [Photo Credit: Blue Ridge ESOP Associates]

“Mr. Roback has worked in the accounting, investment and ESOP industry for over 26 years.  He is an expert in ESOP, 401(k) and equity compensation administration.  He is a Qualified 401(k) Administrator (QKA), Certified Equity Professional (CEP) and was the Chair on the Board of Directors for the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO). Mr. Roback is also the Vice President-Membership for the ESOP Association’s Mid-Atlantic Chapter and on the board for the Central Virginia Employee Benefits Council (CVEBC). He is a member of: The ESOP Association; ASPPA; Employee-Owned S Corporations of America; Exit Planning Exchange; and the NCEO. Mr. Roback received his Master of Business Administration from the University of Baltimore and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the College of William and Mary.”

More about Blue Ridge ESOP Associates

Blue Ridge ESOP

“Blue Ridge ESOP Associates was founded in 1988 to provide high quality, technically proficient, independent administration and recordkeeping services for employee benefit plans.

As we grew, we developed a specialized expertise in serving the unique needs of companies that sponsor Employee Stock Ownership Plans. We will always provide ESOP administration and related services, but our flexible 401(k) administration services help us deliver a complete solution. We service clients nationwide with care and personal attention.

Blue Ridge ESOP Associates is one of the top three ESOP Administration Firms in the country, measured in terms of number of clients served. Of these top five, we are the ONLY firm that provides ESOP Administration Services as the primary focus of our business.”

[Source: Blue Ridge ESOP Associates]


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