The 12 Days of ESOPs, Day 3: ESOP Valuation with Ed Wilusz of Value Managment, Inc.

The 12 Days of ESOPs, Day 3: ESOP Valuation with Ed Wilusz of Value Managment, Inc.

We’re celebrating the spirit of the ESOP Movement with The Twelve Days of ESOPs.

12 Days of ESOPs
Our guests over these twelve days hail from a variety of fields in ESOP World – from lawyers, to valuators, to CEOs, and even employee owners themselves – each bringing their own unique outlook and experience to our ongoing conversation about what makes ESOP participation so valuable to companies.
On the third day of ESOPs, we discuss the ESOP valuation process with Edward A. Wilusz, Managing Director of Value Management, Inc. (VMI).  Value Managment performs about 65 ESOP valuations annually, as well as 250 other assignments a year. So, let’s take a moment to place a value on what we’ve covered so far: 🇫🇷 🐔🐔🐔 We hear the 2017 value of three French hens is $181.50 USD, a relative bargain compared to $375.00 for those two turtle doves yesterday 🐢🕊️🕊️ and the partridge and pear tree at $219.95 🐤🍐🌳 . Working for a great ESOP? Priceless! 😀

More about Ed Wilusz

“Ed Wilusz has been actively engaged in the appraisal profession since 1980. He has qualified as a business valuation expert witness and provided testimony in the following states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Ohio. He is a Senior Member – Business Valuation in the American Society of Appraisers; a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA); a past member of the ESOP Association’s Valuation Advisory Committee and Past Chairman of Sub-Committee to update Valuing ESOP Shares; Past-Director and Past-President of Bucks County Estate Planning Council; and Past-President of the Philadelphia Chapter of American Society of Appraisers. Ed is past chairman of Pearl S. Buck International and Director of the Bucks County College Foundation Board.” [Source: Value Managment, Inc. , Our Team]

[Photo Credit: Valuation Managment, Inc. ]


More about Value Managment Inc.

Value Management Inc.

For over 25 years, Value Management Inc. has acted as a financial advisor to both newly-formed and existing Employee Stock Ownership Plans (“ESOP”s) to assist the ESOP in transactions to acquire stock of the sponsor company. With over 125 years of combined valuation experience, Value Management Inc.’s team has prepared fairness opinions for dozens of ESOP transactions involving large, medium and small-sized companies. Value Management Inc.’s role is to provide the ESOP with an independent determination of the value of the stock that the ESOP is acquiring to ensure that the ESOP does not pay more than adequate consideration as defined in ERISA. It is Value Management Inc.’s consistent objectivity and independence that gives us our reputation for integrity. Our experienced analysts work closely with the ESOP attorneys and trustees throughout the transaction process. Our goal is to make the ESOP transaction process as smooth and transparent as possible.

[Soure: Value Managment, About Us]


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