The 12 Days of ESOPs, Day 2: ESOP Advocacy with Mike Shuey of Restek, Corporation

The 12 Days of ESOPs, Day 2: ESOP Advocacy with Mike Shuey of Restek, Corporation

We’re celebrating the spirit of the ESOP Movement with The Twelve Days of ESOPs.

12 Days of ESOPs
Our guests over these twelve days hail from a variety of fields in ESOP World – from lawyers, to valuators, to CEOs, and even employee owners themselves – each bringing their own unique outlook and experience to our ongoing conversation about what makes ESOP participation so valuable to companies.
On the second day of ESOPs we’re highlighting the importance of ESOP advocacy with Mike Shuey of Restek Corporation,
🐢🕊️🕊️  Just like “two turtle doves” — a symbol of peaceful teamwork — ESOP advocacy works even better when we team up and work together! Mike Shuey is an officer with the ESOP Association’s PA/DE Chapter and works with other ESOP companies to advocate for employee ownership at the state and federal level.

 More about Mike Shuey

[Photo Credit: Restek News web page.]

Mike Shuey is Restek’s International Customer Service Supervisor. He received the 2016 ESOP Outstanding Chapter Officer Award.  “Mike takes great pride in being a part of legislative efforts to support and educate our representatives to keep our ESOP benefits in place and is proud of Restek’s grassroots efforts to show the nation that our ESOP model works and is a positive business strategy for the success of our country.”

For more information on ESOP PA/DE’s work and a list of excellent advocacy resources, check out the ESOP Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter Advocacy Page.

More about Restek


Restek Pure Chromatography is based in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

‘Restek is a leading developer and manufacturer of chromatography columns and accessories. We provide analysts around the world with the innovative tools they need to monitor the quality of air, water, soil, foods, pharmaceuticals, chemical, and petroleum products.

Our reputation for Plus 1 customer service and quality, innovative products is world-renowned. Plus 1 customer service means every Restek employee will work hard to exceed your expectations in helpfulness and courtesy.

Restek is an independent company in which all employees share ownership through our employee stock ownership plan. Every employee deeply cares about your satisfaction and appreciates your loyalty every time you choose a Restek product. Since 1985, we have consistently improved our quality and our customer service, and we have developed innovative products that make your job easier. Thank you for playing a key role in Turning our Visions into Reality.”

Source: About Restek


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