The 12 Days of ESOPs, Day 1: Matt Hancock of Praxis CG on ESOP Company Culture

The 12 Days of ESOPs, Day 1: Matt Hancock of Praxis CG on ESOP Company Culture

We’re celebrating the spirit of the ESOP Movement with The Twelve Days of ESOPs.

Our guests over the next twelve days hail from a variety of fields in ESOP World – from lawyers, to valuators, to CEOs, and even employee owners themselves – each bringing their own unique outlook and experience to our ongoing conversation about what makes ESOP participation so valuable to companies.
On the first day of ESOPs we’re highlighting ESOP company culture with Matt Hancock, from the Praxis Consulting Group.
🐥🍐🌳  Company culture is like the “partridge in a pear tree” of an ESOP — the reason that it is repeated so often is because it is so vital!

More about Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock [Source: Praxis, Our People]

“Matt Hancock is a Consultant at Praxis, where he assists clients in developing and implementing high-engagement workforce strategies. Matt brings 12 years of domestic and global experience in education, employee ownership and change management to the team. His key competencies include leadership development, building high performance ownership cultures, process improvement, vision, strategy and governance.

Before joining Praxis, Matt served as co-founder and Executive Director of Chicago Tech Academy (ChiTech), Chicago’s first tech-focused high school serving low-income, inner-city students. Under Matt’s leadership, ChiTech achieved some of the city’s strongest test score improvements by building an organizational culture of collaboration, participation and employee empowerment.

Prior to co-founding ChiTech, Matt was the Associate Director of the Center for Labor and Community Research (CLCR) in Chicago, where he served as a trusted liaison to constituencies in manufacturing, labor and government.

Before joining CLCR Matt lived, worked and studied in Bologna, Italy. As a consultant with Istituto per il Lavoro (Institute for Labor), Matt collaborated with major European institutes, manufacturers and labor unions on research into participatory forms of work organization, process improvement and supply-chain management.

Matt is also a recognized expert on the Italian cooperative movement, and an accomplished public speaker, writer, and thought leader. He is the author of Compete to Cooperate, a book about the cooperatives of Imola, Italy–one of the most successful, and enduring, experiences in employee ownership in history.

Matt is a past Board member of several non- and for-profit organizations including, most recently, the Freelancers Insurance Company, a for-profit insurer committed to providing affordable, effective health insurance to freelance and contingent workers in New York.

Matt earned an MBA in Cooperative Economics from the University of Bologna (Italy), where he studied governance, finance and strategy in the region’s top employee-owned firms, and a BA in history from Skidmore College.”



More about Praxis Consulting Group

Praxis CG

“Praxis Consulting Group, Inc. was founded in Philadelphia in 1995 by two of our principals, Ginny Vanderslice and Alex Moss.

Initially we provided communication, training and organizational development services primarily to employee-owned companies. While we continue to work extensively with employee-owned companies, our practice has expanded to include work with nonprofits, socially responsible businesses and other organizations interested in developing workplace cultures that maximize employee engagement and responsibility. With the addition of consultants, Praxis has broadened its services to include: leadership development, coaching, union-management partnerships, process improvement strategies, strategic planning, governance, and conflict management.”

Source: Praxis Consulting Group, Our History


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