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The ESOP Podcast Ep 36 – Susan Wilusz, Marketing Director at Value Managment, Inc., on Women in ESOPs

The ESOP Podcast Episode 36 – Susan Wilusz, Marketing Director at Value Managment, Inc., on Women in ESOPs

This week we speak with Susan Wilusz, Marketing Director at Value Managment, Inc. (VMI) Investment Banking and Advisory Services. After a brief introduction of herself and her firm, Susan Wilusz spoke with Capital Trustee’s Client Engagement officer Brian Keisling about her work coordinating the successful “Women in ESOP Workshop” held on April 18th, 2018 at the Atlanta #NCEO18 Conference, and on growing the network of women in ESOPs.

You can read the full transcript of this episode here.

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Brian Keisling of Capital Trustees speaking with Susan Wilusz on Periscope for The ESOP Podcast

More about Susan Wilusz

Susan Wilusz

“Susan Wilusz Marano is the Marketing Director at Value Management IncVMI is a financial consulting firm specializing in valuing businesses, corporate securities, and professional practices. VMI also facilitates mergers and acquisitions. Susan is responsible for the marketing and business development within the firm. This includes working closely with others, overseeing the marketing functions and coordinating speaking engagements. In addition, she oversees the publication of the company newsletter and other corporate communications. Mrs. Marano graduated from Philadelphia University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.” [Source: Value Managment, Inc., About the Team]

More about Value Managment, Inc.

Value Management Inc.

“For over 25 years, Value Management Inc. has acted as a financial advisor to both newly-formed and existing Employee Stock Ownership Plans (“ESOP”s) to assist the ESOP in transactions to acquire stock of the sponsor company. With over 125 years of combined valuation experience, Value Management Inc.’s team has prepared fairness opinions for dozens of ESOP transactions involving large, medium and small-sized companies. Value Management Inc.’s role is to provide the ESOP with an independent determination of the value of the stock that the ESOP is acquiring to ensure that the ESOP does not pay more than adequate consideration as defined in ERISA. It is Value Management Inc.’s consistent objectivity and independence that gives us our reputation for integrity. Our experienced analysts work closely with the ESOP attorneys and trustees throughout the transaction process. Our goal is to make the ESOP transaction process as smooth and transparent as possible.”

[Soure: Value Managment, About Us]


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