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Episode 37 – ESOPs, Co-ops, and Bernie Sanders at the Vermont Employee Ownership Conference

The ESOP Podcast Episode 37 – ESOPs, Co-ops, and Bernie Sanders at the Vermont Employee Ownership Conference

In this week’s episode, we feature highlights from the Vermont Employee Ownership Conference, #VEOC18, held this year on Friday, June 8th, 2018 at the UVM Davis Center in Burlington, Vermont.

  • First, we are reminded that world of employee ownership is more than just ESOPs! Matt Cropp (Twitter: @MattCropp), Associate Director of the Vermont Employee Ownership Center, joins us to provide an excellent explanation of the concepts of Workers Cooperatives and their distinctive features from ESOPs.
  • Second, we have a Q&A on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D, NY) Pro-ESOP Bill, S. 2786, and its companion bill in in the House of Representatives, and discuss some of the issues these bills are designed to address.  We also discuss why employee ownership enjoys broad bipartisan support.
  • Finally, Cindy Turcot, COO of a 100% ESOP company, Gardener’s Supply, introduces Senator Bernie Sanders (I, VT) to the lunchtime conference attendees at #VEOC18.  We are pleased to be able to share Senator Sanders’ speech in full. [Thank you to Tabitha Croscut, Esq. of Devine Millimet (Twitter: @ESOPDiva) for this audio.]

You can watch a portion of Senator Bernie Sanders June 8th, 2018 speech on @CapTrusteesBret ‘s Periscope feed here.

“Senator Bernie Sanders speaking to @veoc_vt #veoc18”

Mentioned in this podcast:

  • As mentioned at the 1:34 mark in this podcast, you can listen to Episode 10 of The ESOP Podcast featuring Cindy Turcot COO of 100% Employee-Owned Gardener’s Supply Company here.
  • As mentioned at the 42:18 mark in this podcast, you can listen to Episode 3 of The ESOP Podcast and learn about ESOP Advocacy with Mike Shuey of Restek, Corporation here.
  • We couldn’t have produced this podcast without the audio provided by Tabitha Croscut, Esq. of Devine Millimet.  You can listen to her speak on Transactional Law for ESOPs in The ESOP Podcast Episode 25 here.
  • Please give a warm welcome to Capital Trustee’s Client Engagement Officerand podcast producer, Brian Keisling, on Twitter! You can now follow him at @CapTrusteesBri.

More about Vermont Employee Ownership Center

“The Vermont Employee Ownership Center is a statewide non-profit whose mission is to promote and foster employee ownership in order to broaden capital ownership, deepen employee participation, retain jobs, increase living standards for working families, and stabilize communities.

We provide information and resources to owners interested in selling their business to their employees, employee groups interested in purchasing a business, and entrepreneurs who wish to start up a company with broadly shared ownership.” [Source: About the Vermont Employee Ownership Center]

More about Matt Cropp

Matt Cropp is the Associate Director of the Vermont Employee Center. He is responsible for managing social media, event planning and promotion, and a variety of other tasks advancing the VEOC’s mission.


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