Capital Trustees fees are designed to further our mission to provide personalized attention and flexibility to client needs at reasonable fees.  We do not have the overhead or banking regulation/oversight and bureaucracy that larger firms have, so our fees are generally less, sometimes substantially less.  We do not operate by committee.  Principals Rich Heeter and Bret Keisling both work closely with Capital Trustees’ clients.  Every decision is made as soon as practicable, so our clients don’t wait in limbo waiting for the trustees to make a decision or act.

Each engagement is custom-priced to provide the best value for the services rendered.

Transactional engagements:  Capital Trustees charges a flat fee plus basis points per transaction value.  Standard transactional engagements may have components such as warrants and SARS, etc.  Certain transactions featuring less complexity may result in lower fees

Ongoing trustee services:  We quote a flat fee depending on the scope and duties involved. In addition, certain ESOPs may require one-time upfront fees if significant work is required at the onset of the engagement.

Fees are negotiable, but we don’t market ourselves as the “cheapest” trustees; rather we strive to provide the best value for the investment for each of our clients.