About Capital Trustees, LLC

  • Capital Trustees was formed to provide independent trustee and fiduciary services specifically for ESOPs.
  • The principals of Capital Trustees have a combined 60+ years business experience serving clients of all sizes and all types of industries.
    • Rich Heeter has been working with ESOP and family owned companies as a financial consultant and retirement /exit planning advisor for 30 years. He has been active as an ESOP Trustee since 2008.
    • Bret Keisling is a business attorney, and consultant, and the former president/CEO of an employee-owned company. He brings 30+ years of business experience to Capital Trustees.
  • Capital Trustees has worked with many of the national and regional ESOP professionals, including attorneys, valuation firms, and design/administration firms.
  • There are several important differences between Capital Trustees and institutional firms:
    • Value. We do not have the overhead or bureaucracy that larger firms have, so our fees are generally less, sometimes substantially less!
    • Service.  Rich Heeter and Bret Keisling are both available to work with Capital Trustees’ clients.  Every decision is made as soon as practicable, so our clients don’t sit in limbo waiting for the trustees to make a decision or act.

Our engagements come as a result of the referrals we receive from other professionals, our participation in national ESOP associations, and our ability to provide personalized attention and flexibility to client needs at reasonable fees.